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قديم 13-07-2009, 11:31 PM
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رقم العضوية : 22813
تاريخ التسجيل: May 2009
الدولة: Saudi Arabia
المشاركات: 3
معدل تقييم المستوى: 1
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افتراضي avacs live chat 2009 برنامج دردشة جميل جدا

برنامج دردشة رائع وبعمل ايضا على الحاسوب شبيه بالياهو لكنه نادر الوجود اليك الرابط مع الشرح المفصل راجيا" تثبيت البرنامج ....

hi all ... iam SAM_7IRAQ ...

Each of us has tried at least once to enter chat rooms through Internet-browser on PC, WAP-browser on mobile phone, used ICQ, MSN or the like programmes. Some people use such services to get acquainted, other are looking for easy communication, the third - to correspond with business partners. Computer chats and programs have a plenty of functions, but they attach people to PCs, and the abilities of WAP-chats are rather limited.
In new network product "AVACS Live Chat" for mobile phones supporting JAVA applications, and PC computers (open chat) company "AVACS"() has realized popular functions and added a number of up-to-date abilities, directed to mobile phones. Among the main abilities of "AVACS Live Chat" are:
ability to communicate in different rooms depending on user interests;
creating of the common rooms available to all users as well as private ones, dedicated for intimate communication;
exchange of personal messages outside the rooms;
filling in the questionnaire and looking through the questionnaires of other users;
using photos in questionnaires that became possible thanks to the widespread use of camera phones. For the users who does not have camera in their mobile phones the developers have foreseen the download of photos from the file on the mobile phone, through the WEB-site () in the Internet or by E-mail;
advanced search by questionnaire data;
exchange of files, photos, music and melodies;
the displaying of graphic files and photos on the mobile phone is fulfilled with the prior processing on the server, that allows to choose the appropriate size and format of the image for this very mobile phone model;
sending E-mails and SMS messages to the addresses/numbers indicated in questionnaires;
creation of contact list (address book);
using of animated similes and avatars;
changing of message colours and the chat background;
ability to enter chat from different mobile phones under your login and password.
"AVACS Live Chat" has also minor, but handy functions such as automatic country identification, room filters, message to administrator, history of personal messages etc. See the screenshots of the application below.
From the technical point of view the application is realized as a 3-level client-to-server system, where the data base, logics and intermediate processing are located on the server. After "AVACS Business Life" this is the second application where the user-friendly window interface is used. The use of such technology enabled the developer to lessen the size of the Jar-file being installed on a mobile phone while providing a plenty of functional and graphic abilities, on the one hand, and made it possible to alter or to add new abilities to the application without changing the client part, on the other.

Forums about AVACS Live Chat:
Russian forum

English forum

Arabic forum

Georgian forum

wellcome rooms 7 ... :2thumbsup

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